• Jen Schradie

    UC Berkeley sociology doctoral student, new media researcher, digital democracy zetetic, recovering documentary filmmaker, & occasional ashtanga yoga teacher
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Kony 2012 – Agit Prop on Speed

Have you seen Kony 2012? If so, you are among the 80 million people worldwide who have watched this agit prop video sensation on YouTube in the last few weeks.  What is agit prop? In documentary filmmaker parlance, it is agitation propaganda, or a video produced to effect social change. It is unlikely that any … Continue reading

Occupy Arrested Development – Not Just a Bunch of Hippy Anarchist College Students

Among the six of us, we have 15 kids. Meeting for the first time, we sat on the bench talking about our children. I have two, I said. Derrick has one daughter. Roger said he had four while Patrick boasted of eight children. No, this wasn’t at a park or a playground. This was on … Continue reading

Kid Zone at the Occupy Oakland Camp

In Defense of Tents – The Significance of Place for the Occupy Movement

This morning I watched the sunrise over various police agencies dismantling (again) Occupy Oakland tents. This evening, I marched back at sunset with other protesters to take back Grant/Ogawa Plaza. The night before, Denver and Oakland authorities moved in to take down local occupy encampments. Yesterday morning, a swat team stormed an Occupy group’s takeover … Continue reading