Occupy Arrested Development – Not Just a Bunch of Hippy Anarchist College Students

Among the six of us, we have 15 kids. Meeting for the first time, we sat on the bench talking about our children. I have two, I said. Derrick has one daughter. Roger said he had four while Patrick boasted of eight children. No, this wasn’t at a park or a playground. This was on … Continue reading

In Defense of Tents – The Significance of Place for the Occupy Movement

Kid Zone at the Occupy Oakland Camp

This morning I watched the sunrise over various police agencies dismantling (again) Occupy Oakland tents. This evening, I marched back at sunset with other protesters to take back Grant/Ogawa Plaza. The night before, Denver and Oakland authorities moved in to take down local occupy encampments. Yesterday morning, a swat team stormed an Occupy group’s takeover … Continue reading